Playing In

Pester and Rossi

Glasgow based artists Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi have made a series of cards which suggest creative play activities, developed in collaboration with Nicki McCubbing. The play packs are stuffed with unusual creative materials and objects made by the artists.

The ideas for these games and sculptures have been designed by children in the Queens Avenue area of Bootle in a series of creative workshops with the artists in March, part of their project Look Backwards, Look Around, Look Forwards.

Some of the ideas will be made into giant sculptures for community events and a series of short films when it is safe to play out together again.

Joshua Sofaer

Joshua Sofaer makes live art, sculpture and installations. He wants to get Bootle playing with Jianzi, or “hand badminton”. Can we get a league going? Who can play keepy uppy the longest?

Anna Horton Cremin

Anna Horton Cremin lives and works in Manchester and her art is often to do with making up and playing games. Anna will make a new play pack based on the games that older people used to play out in the street in Bootle.

Show us the things you’ve made using #playinginsefton